Beacon Patient Advocates LLC
Independent Patient Advocates Helping You Navigate the Choppy Waters of Today's Healthcare

Patient Advocacy Services for Clients


Working with an independent/private board certified patient advocate helps you navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare system with a focus solely on meeting your needs and goals.

With the guidance and resources Beacon Patient Advocates provides, our clients are equipped to make informed decisions about their care or that of their loved one.

We work with you to offer a personalized combination of services that meet your needs and reflect your values.

Services For You or a Loved One:

Coordination of Care and Support:

  • Medical appointment preparation

  • Assistance identifying and maintaining a medical team

  • Accompanying you or a loved one to medical appointment

  • Organizing medical records to limit medical error risk

  • Coordination of resources

  • Facilitating communication across your care team

  • Attending Care Conference / Family Meetings at the Hospital or Care Facility

Navigating a Diagnosis, Next Steps, and Treatment Plan:

  • Understanding a diagnosis and/or treatment options

  • Obtaining a second opinion

  • Providing support after diagnosis and/or while deciding treatment

  • Assistance researching clinical trial availability and eligibility

Understanding Medical Bills and Insurance Coverage:

  • Explanation of medical insurance and/or prescription drug coverage

  • Help and support coordinating an appeal or grievance

  • Assistance establishing a payment plan

  • Exploring options to address medical debt

  • Reviewing Medical Bills to ensure accuracy

Support Making Informed Medical Decisions:

  • Assistance gathering information & identifying priorities

  • Support for personal beliefs & values

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