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Communicating Effectively With Your Doctor

Navigating today’s healthcare system can be complicated and challenging. To achieve the most effective outcome it is critical that healthcare consumers are engaged so that they receive quality care and treatment that aligns with their values and goals.

Being a “patient” is not a passive experience. Receiving effective care requires patients partner with their health practitioners in shared medical decisions. Patients should navigate their own healthcare with the knowledge that s/he is the most important member of her/his healthcare team.

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Why Hire an Independent Board Certified Patient Advocate?

Navigating today’s healthcare system can be confusing, complicated, and time consuming. The challenges become even larger when an individual or a loved one receives a complicated diagnosis or is facing a serious illness. Independent board certified patient advocates (BCPA) have been trained to navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare system. Patient advocates have varied professional backgrounds ranging from those who have previously worked in the healthcare system to those drawn to the work as a result of a profound personal experience.

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